And we’re off….

Well, here it is! In the midst of the corona crises that’s currently creating havock all over the world we’re starting our blog. It’s a combination of a long lasting wish to have a platform to showcase our knowledge on MICE products in Amsterdam and finally having the time to sit down and start creating content. It’s not the best of reasons, but there’s no reason to hold off creating the blog any further.

So what can you expect when reading this blog?

As a reader you are probably interested in knowing what Amsterdam has to offer for incentive / MICE groups. The editors at have extensive knowledge on what’s possible in Amsterdam. We’ll be discussing anything ‘incentive’ from activities to venues to hotels, share general knowledge on logistics in Amsterdam and much much more. We’re looking very much forward to sharing our knowledge with you as our reader.

Let us take you through WOW moments one can create in Amsterdam!

So what’s in it for us?

Obviously we run a DMC business that specializes in organizing incentive trips. We hope that by showcasing our knowledge on the destination that we will a) generate leads for Performance Travel and b) increase the knowledge of potential bookers for what’s possible in Amsterdam. A blog is not something we’ve done before on our own homepage, so it’s live and learn for this experience.

About the author

My name is Daan Riemeijer and i'm the owner of Performance Travel DMC. Performance Travel specializes in running incentive programs in Amsterdam. Through our blog we try to showcase our knowledge on Amsterdam and what's possible in terms of incentives in our city.

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